Our Product and Services

Over the years, we have provided a wide range of products and services to our happy clients. Our offerings include:

  • Process Skid Packages, such as: Glycol Dehydration Unit, Crude Oil Pump Skid, Oil Booster Pump Skid, etc.
  • Air Cooled Heat Exchanger (Forced, Induced and Natural Draft), Economizers
  • Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
  • Pressure Vessels such as: Gas Scrubber, KO Drum, Surge Tank, Air Receiver Tank, Separator, Closed Drain Vessel, etc.
  • Double Pipe Heat Exchangers (Hairpin)
  • Jacketed Pipe Exchangers
  • Feedwater Heaters
  • Engineering & Maintenance Services
  • HE Performance Assessment
  • Cleaning Services
  • Heat Exchanger Parts
  • Flamescanner Installation & Distribution

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