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We did:
  • Re-bundle
  • Thermal Re-rating
  • Modify
  • etc.

Our Study to Revamp Experience

Overheating on EJW Coolers

Summary :

Engine Jacket Water Coolers overheating exceeded 200F. EJW Bundle was designed for inlet temperature of 195F. Cooler unit was been spraying with water at air inlet over four years, then fin tube was damaged and brittle. Engine speed only run at maximum of 1000 RPM and flow gas maximum of 2.5 MMSCFD.


It was the first time HTSI had tackled modification of air cooler challenge, with a little changes on plenum sizes and fan s


  • Thermal re-rating
  • Replace and re-selection Moore Fans
  • Replace existing bundles EJW & TAW, re-arrange tube pitch, diameter & fin OD
  • Modify plenum structure
  • Replace and re-design fixed louvers to suit new bundles
  • Install inlet bell.

HTSI Comment

  • Now the inlet temperature is 175 - 195F
  • Engine speed run at 1050 RPM and flow gas can be increased to 3.7 MMSCFD

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