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Our Maintenance Experience

Service of Mechanical Cleaning - Water Jet on Air Cooled Heat Exchanger

Customer: CV. Cakrawala Persada for Exxon Mobil Cepu Limited

Specification Summary

  • Air Cooled Heat Exchanger
  • Tag HFF681606
  • 3 Bay / 6 Bundle
  • Dimension : 11520 L x 18850 W x 4400 H
  • Total Weight : 71802Kg (Empty)

We did

  • Preparation work and save working area
  • Perform preparation of tools, equipments, safe working area, and waste management
  • Perform open 50% shoulder plug & plug gasket for 6 bundle with total of tube 810 ea (3 bay/6 bundle)
  • Perform preparation of collect waste management
  • Perform mechanical cleaning with water jet and heavy duty pump
  • Perform closed shoulder plug & plug gasket
  • Perform leak test using nitrogen

We Supply

  • Spare part of Shoulder Plug with quantity 81 ea
  • Spare part of Plug Gasket with quantity 810 ea
Provision Of Cooler E-702 Exxon Bojonegoro

Customer: Exxon Mobile Cepu

Specification Summary

  • 1 Unit Air Cooler Heat Exchanger
  • Dimension: 2790 L x 9800 W x 3500 H
  • Total Weight : 69300 Kg (Empty)

We did

  • Install scaffolding on Header side (right & left side) in order for man way and working access in cooler E-702 in area open yard
  • Open shoulder plug on header
  • Preparation of tools, equipment and collect waste management :

Waste management is only collecting liquid waste which contain HC and B3 waste

Treatment of liquid waste is exclude in our scope of work

  • Mechanical cleaning water jet on inner tube with flexible lances :

Fin Tube Qty 303 ea

Header x L 5,000 mm x H 300mm x W 150mm x Qty 2 ea

Used heavy high pressure pump Back wash nozzle or Rotary nozzle

  • Closed Plug & Maintenance tube plug hole if broken
  • Provide spare part of shoulder plug & gasket if plug or gasket broken
  • Perform nitrogen purging for leak test
  • Uninstall scaffolding