Cleaning Method

At PT. Heat Transfer Solutions Indonesia, we also provide both mechanical cleaning and chemical cleaning to provide the best experience for our customer.

Our Cleaning Experience

Cleaning Water Jet - Provision of Cooler E-702

Customer: Exxon Mobile Cepu

Specification Summary

  • 1 Unit Air Cooler Heat Exchanger
  • Dimension: 2790 L x 9800 W x 3500 H
  • Total Weight : 69300 Kg (Empty)

We did

  • Install scaffolding on Header side (right & left side) in order for man way and working access in cooler E-702 in area open yard
  • Open shoulder plug on header
  • Preparation of tools, equipment and collect waste management :

Waste management is only collecting liquid waste which contain HC and B3 waste

Treatment of liquid waste is exclude in our scope of work

  • Mechanical cleaning water jet on inner tube with flexible lances :

Fin Tube Qty 303 ea

Header x L 5,000 mm x H 300mm x W 150mm x Qty 2 ea

Used heavy high pressure pump Back wash nozzle or Rotary nozzle

  • Closed Plug & Maintenance tube plug hole if broken
  • Provide spare part of shoulder plug & gasket if plug or gasket broken
  • Perform nitrogen purging for leak test
  • Uninstall scaffolding
Mechanical Cleaning - Water Jet on Air Cooled Heat Exchanger

Customer: CV. Cakrawala Persada for Exxon Mobil Cepu Limited

Specification Summary

  • Air Cooled Heat Exchanger
  • Tag HFF681606
  • 3 Bay / 6 Bundle
  • Dimension : 11520 L x 18850 W x 4400 H
  • Total Weight : 71802Kg (Empty)

We did

  • Preparation work and save working area
  • Perform preparation of tools, equipments, safe working area, and waste management
  • Perform open 50% shoulder plug & plug gasket for 6 bundle with total of tube 810 ea (3 bay/6 bundle)
  • Perform preparation of collect waste management
  • Perform mechanical cleaning with water jet and heavy duty pump
  • Perform closed shoulder plug & plug gasket
  • Perform leak test using nitrogen

We Supply

  • Spare part of Shoulder Plug with quantity 81 ea
  • Spare part of Plug Gasket with quantity 810 ea