Vessel Scrubber and Surge Tank for WFT-WIRA Barges

ID Project: 12HO-026ME
Customer: PT. Wira Insani (Weatherford International)
Project Title: Vessel Scrubber and Surge Tank for WFT-WIRA Barges
Type: Pressure Vessel, Skid & Piping
Equipment Name: Flare Gas Scrubber, V-401/ V-701, Closed Drain Vessel, V-501/ V-801, Surge Tank, V-201
Scope of Work: Design & Supply
Weight kgs: Total 14.507
Year Built: 2013
Code/Std: ASME VIII Div.1
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Specification Summary

  • Two (2) units Vent Gas/ Closed Drain Vessel, V-501 & V-801, 1219 ID x 3048 T/T
  • Two (2) units Flare Gas Scrubber, V-401-W1 & V-401-W2, 1676 ID x 3048 T/T
  • One (1) unit 100 BBL Dual Compartment Surge Tank, 2438 ID x 3048 T/T
  • Material Specfication Plain carbon steel SA516 Gr. 70 and NACE MR 0175

Code Compliance

  • ASME VIII Div. 1 – ASME BPV Code Rules for Construction of Pressure Vessels
  • ASME B31.3 – Process Piping
  • AWS D1.1 – Structural Welding Code Steel

We did

  • Engineering works, such-as Mechanical Calculations, Construction Drawings, Structural Skid Drawings and Isometric Drawings
  • Fabrication, testing & inspection, coating of Pressure Vessels, Structural Skids & Pipings
  • Volumetric Calibration of Surge Tank
  • MIGAS Certifications and Lloyd's Register
  • Delivery at site

Safety summary

  • Total 25682 working hours
  • Lost time injury – 0
  • Day lost incident –
  • Near misses reported – 0