EPF-3 Plant Expansion, GOSP Mobile Cepu Ltd, Cepu, Indonesia

ID Project: 13HO-041ME
Customer: PT. Exterran Indonesia
Project Title: EPF-3 Plant Expansion, GOSP Mobile Cepu Ltd, Cepu, Indonesia
Equipment Name: Crude Oil Export Pump Skid & Piping, P-860
Scope of Work: Design & Supply
Weight kgs: 15,000
Year Built: 2013
Code/Std: ASME B31.3 & AWS D1.1

Specification Summary

  • Triplex Plunger Pump Model 165T-5L with plunger size of 4 in x 5 in stroke length, volumetric rate of 326 gpm (74.1 m3/hr) at 400 rpm, maximum discharge pressure 780 psi (5377 kPa)
  • TECO Westinghouse NEMA Motor Type AEEANE, 125 hp (93kW)/ 3 phase/ 380VAC/ 4 pole/ 1480 rpm/ 50 hz, NEMA Design C, Insulation Class F, TEFC, SF1, 444T Frame
  • Suction pipe size of 6 in NPS and discharge pipe size of 3 in NPS
  • The Pump Skid is equipped with MCC F2100 series Eaton Cutle Hammer include VFD 9000X series, Vibration Switch Murphy VS2-EX, Norriseal Series 3-2700A Control Valve, Suction & Discharge Stabilizers, Rosemount 2051 Presure Transmitter.

Code Compliance

  • API Std 674 – Positive Displacement Pumps – Reciprocating
  • API Std 675 – Positive Displacement Pumps – Controlled Volume, 2nd Edition
  • ISO 5167-1:2003 – Measurement of fluid flow

We did

  • Engineering works, such-as Calculation of NPSH & Power required, Structural Skid Analysis, Drive Selection, 3-D Modeling, Isometric Drawings, Construction Drawings, Electrical & Instrument Drawing
  • Fabrication, testing & inspection, coating of structural skid, off-skid and on-skid piping
  • Installation of pump, motor and belt drive, including belt alignment
  • Installation of Electrical & Instrument
  • Assembly & Install MCC F2100 series Eaton Cutler Hammer 125 HP
  • Performance test at site

Safety summary

  • Total 8633 working hours
  • Lost time injury – 0
  • Day lost incident – 0
  • Near misses reported – 0